Custom-Made Blinds

Expand the Usability of Your Patio with Custom-Made Blinds

Adding custom-made blinds to your patio, deck, pool or pergola area can do wonders to expand its usability. Too often, outdoor living spaces are limited by inclement weather, heat, glare or even loud, nosy neighbours. At Gold Coast Patios & Blinds, we offer a solution that will turn your outdoor living areas into more year-round spaces.

What You Should Know about Custom-Made Blinds in the Gold Coast

We are patio builders in the Gold Coast, which means we regularly work with clients to build patio spaces and other outdoor living areas from scratch. Where other patio builders maybe stop after installing tiled-stone spaces in your backyard, though, we go the extra mile. Our patios often feature awnings, pergolas, glass fencing and other features designed to make them more usable in a variety of weather conditions.

Our custom outdoor blinds serve the same purpose. Here are a few things to know about outdoor blinds in the Gold Coast and why they are useful:

  • They protect your patio from rain: Few things are worse than when you have a barbeque or outdoor cocktail party planned and it starts to storm. With patio blinds, you can give your patio a much-needed barrier against the rain. That outdoor space remains usable, despite the stormy weather.
  • They provide privacy while still letting you enjoy the outdoors: One of the drawbacks of outdoor gatherings or meals is that you don’t have the same privacy you have in your dining room or kitchen. Outdoor blinds can give you more control over the privacy of your outdoor space. By installing motorised outdoor blinds in the Gold Coast, you can easily open or close your blinds depending on whether you feel your neighbours are infringing upon your privacy.
  • They reduce the harshness of the sun: Summers in the Gold Coast get hot—especially on cloudless sunny days. When you want to spend time outside but avoid the heat and sunburn that comes with that scorching sunlight, you can lower your patio blinds for extra protection.

Tips for Getting More Value out of Your Patio Builders in the Gold Coast

When you hire a company to help you build a patio, think beyond just the paving stone surface. Here are a few strategies you can use to get a more valuable service—and a more fully-realised finished product—from your patio builders:

  • Consider awnings or pergolas: Leaving your patio out in the full blast of the sun, with no roof to protect you from the elements, will limit how much you use the space. Adding pergolas or patio awnings to your Gold Coast property incorporates shade into the design of your patio and enables you to add outdoor blinds to the equation.
  • Think about decking: Incorporating decking into your patio space—or turning your deck into a more fully-realised outdoor living space—might be the right option for you and your backyard. We do work with decking as well as with patios, and these two segments of our service range often overlap.
  • Browse our gallery: Perhaps you have a vision of what you want your patio to look like. Maybe you have no idea. Either way, visiting our patios page and browsing the photos we have of past projects can be a good way to get some inspiration and form a clearer sense of what we can do.

Can You Customise Your Order for Outdoor Blinds in the Gold Coast?

If you are interested in purchasing outdoor blinds in the Gold Coast QLD, you might be wondering what you can do to customise your order from Gold Coast Patios & Blinds. We are happy to tailor your order for you in several ways, including:

  • Blind style: We offer several styles of outdoor blinds in our range, including Channel X and Geared Roller blinds. You can read more about each style—and see some photos—on our outdoor blinds page.
  • Sizes and dimensions: We are the place to come for fitted outdoor blinds in the Gold Coast. We will work with you to measure, fit and customise the right blinds to suit your patio or deck space.

No matter what size or style of blinds you choose, know that our outdoor blinds all come backed with a five-year parts warranty, a five-year materials warranty and a 12-month labour warranty.

Why Gold Coast Patios & Blinds is Cost-Effective

When you work with Gold Coast Patios & Blinds to order and install custom-made blinds for your outdoor patio, you will get more usability out of that outdoor space. Instead of avoiding your patio on hot, sunny days, or feeling like you can’t use it when your neighbours are hanging out in their backyard, you will simply be able to let down the blinds. Contact us today to get started with your custom design.


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