D.I.Y. Patio Kits For Sale

D.I.Y. Patio Kits

Do It Yourself patio kits keep your costs down, especially if you’re on a strict budget and have the know how to build your own structure.

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Send us the details of what materials you need or pop into the office to discuss your project. Unfortunately we do not do site visits for DIY Patio Kit orders so we’ll need you to confirm the requirements of the order.

Order your patio materials and carport materials, directly from us and we’ll have it delivered to site or let you know when it’s ready for pick up. Whether you’re after a full patio kit or just replacement parts, we can assist with your order. Simply pop into the office with your requirements or order online, and we can create a quote for you.

Our suppliers consist of but are not limited to: Apollo,  Ausdeck,  Stratco,  Glass Outlet

D.I.Y patio Kits

Our DIY Patios in the Gold Coast are Popular and Easy to Install

If you want to enhance your home, consider using DIY Patios in the Gold Coast. Partially or fully covered patios create a space where you can comfortably enjoy a private outdoor space.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of a Patio Kit in the Gold Coast

Budget restraints do not always mean you need to do without, clever planning and a DIY patio kit work well in the Gold Coast. Request a free measure and quote which will help you decide on affordability for you, however, if you love working with your hands and are a DIY enthusiast, purchasing a DIY kit will save you the labour costs. Keep these few tips in mind when planning to build yourself a patio:

  • Maintenance: Think long term when deciding on what material to use, as you want to ensure durability while being mindful of upfront costs and maintenance. If possible, choose products that require less maintenance and have been manufactured for longevity, and take installation requirements into account to ensure it is within your skill set.
  • Council approval: While we could do this for you if we were to do the installation, this is an aspect you will need to arrange when building a DIY patio. The council requires that you submit your drawings for approval, lodge permit applications and arrange final inspections with them. Often, further relaxation and other permissions are also necessary. Enquire with your local council what their specific requirements are, to ensure you erect your patio within regulations.
  • Waterflow and drainage: Remember to make adequate provisions for water flow and drainage. If not, water accumulation on the cover floor could be hazardous and lead to costly repairs, if not replacement.

What Sets Gold Coast Patios Apart Regarding DIY Pergola Kits

Whether we do an installation or supply you a kit, we guarantee our quality. We strive to make it simple to own a pergola or patio.

  • No salesmen: Our team of tradesmen, do not promote products purely for the sake of making a sale. Feasibility, safety and product-to-project fit are essential factors, all of which we consider when advising, building and supplying you with an installation or a kit. For us, it is about return business, superb quality and exceptional service before, during and after completion of your project.
  • Proudly Australian: By using Australian products exclusively, we ensure the availability and quality of our products are of a high standard to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.
  • Affordability: Besides our products being competitively priced, we also offer SKYE® payment plan options, which make it easier to slot your dream pergola or patio into your budget.

Our team goes the extra mile for you in every aspect; you deserve nothing less.

Why Trust Gold Coast Patios Regarding Pergolas in the Gold Coast

We have been servicing customers in the Gold Coast between the northern Gold Coast and South Tweed areas for over two decades, where our innovative approach has seen many customers return for further projects and where Steve Gould, our owner, ensures quality products and workmanship to guarantee our work and your satisfaction.

We keep it personal, so speak to us, and together we can create your customised outdoor space.


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