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Looking for the best glass fencing Gold Coast? Well you’ve come to the right place. We have been installing glass fencing for Gold Coast residents for over 21 years.

Glass Fencing – The Upgrade You Deserve

Have you have been looking toward glass fencing to give your backyard a contemporary, vibrant, and livable feel? Gold Coast Patios & Blinds provides excellent solutions as a local family business and leading provider of patio and blinds products. We are based in Queensland and bring our rich experience to glass pool fencing.

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So Why Choose Glass Fencing Gold Coast To Build your Glass Fence?

  • Frameless or Semi-Frameless Glass
  • Multiple Spigot sizes and colours to suit your needs and aesthetic
  • Local Gold Coast supplier
  • Friendly customer service and obligation free quote
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Why hinder your view with aluminium, colourbond, or wooden fencing when you can create an open look space that will transform the look of your home.

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Susan Pagram
Susan Pagram
Gold Coast
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Used this company over 5 years ago for our carport out the front. Very happy to be using them again for a patio out the back of our house. Can't wait for it to be installed. Excellent customer service. Jesse and Paul were both friendly, patient and accommodating with all our questions and requests and helped us come up with the best design for the area. Would highly recommend this company to others.
Mark Hoppe
Mark Hoppe
Gold coast
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Thank you to Gold Coast Patios & Blinds for their efficiency, professionalism and quality work in completing our front patio. Can’t speak highly enough of them. Would recommend to anyone looking to add value to their home.
Darryl Auld
Darryl Auld
Gold Coast
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We had a number of different quotes from around the area, and they all failed to understand our requirements they were all pushing to do what they thought the job required - so we contacted gold Coast Patios and they listen to what we actually wanted and truly the job that they did far exceeded all levels of expectations..... 5 stars great job guys - many thanks to the team.

Benefits of Glass Fencing on the Gold Coast

Children are much more likely to become seriously injured around pools that are not adequately secured. Traditionally, swimming pool fences are made of materials such as wood or steel. However, frameless glass is a newer trend and one that offers homeowners many advantages. Here are some of the reasons that you should consider a frameless glass fence for your pool. 

  • It looks better. A transparent glass fence gives you a clear view straight through to your pool, giving your backyard area a cleaner, more minimal look – as opposed to a wood or steel fence, which may contribute to a cluttered or “busy” look in your pool area. 
  • It’s safer because you can see through it. The same transparency that makes glass fences so much more attractive also makes them safer. Unlike opaque fences, a glass fence always offers you an uninterrupted view of your pool. 
  • It won’t have any edges or gaps. Any gaps or edges on a glass fence are negligible and do not present the same risk as other fencing materials regarding kids getting stuck or pinching little fingers or toes. 
  • It’s low-maintenance. Frameless pool fences are extremely easy to maintain compared with other materials. You won’t have to worry about mould, fungus, or insects; simply clean occasionally to keep your fence sparkling and clear. 

Why Frameless Glass Pool Fences in the Gold Coast Are Cost-Effective

Any pool fence will require an upfront investment, but the lifespan and performance of the fence makes all the difference when it comes to its value over time. Frameless pool fences are surprisingly cost-effective because they:

  • Are safer. An injury on your property is a huge liability. Besides someone getting hurt, it can also cost you a fortune in legal fees, medical bills, and more. Glass fences make it easier to see your entire yard and pool area, making the chances of an injury occurring less likely. 
  • Last a long time. Glass fences are not subject to rotting, mildewing, or other damage over time due to moisture and sun exposure. 
  • Are inexpensive to maintain. Besides the occasional cleaning, your glass fence will require very little in the way of maintenance or cleaning or care supplies. 

A glass pool fence is a beautiful addition to your pool that will provide you with great value for money over time. 

A Short Buyer’s Guide for Frameless Glass in the Gold Coast

A frameless glass fence is a perfect solution to keep your swimming pool safe and maintain a continuous view of the whole area. Glass fences are very simple, comprising mainly glass panels and spigots, the metal pegs that are anchored to the ground, keeping the glass panels suspended slightly above the ground. You have some options when it comes to glass fences and spigots:

  • Spigot size. Spigots come in different sizes to suit your specific needs and aesthetic preference. 
  • Spigot colour. Choose the colour you like best or that suits the existing colours in your yard or on the outside of your home. 
  • Frameless or semi-frameless glass. You can decide whether you like the look of semi-frameless or completely frameless glass fencing. 

About Gold Coast Patios

When it comes to decking companies in the Gold Coast, they aren’t all created equal. Since 1998, Gold Coast Patios has been providing quality Australian-made products including patios, decks, pool fences, privacy screens, outdoor blinds, and more. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your vision for a beautiful outdoor area. 


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