Outdoor Privacy Screens Gold Coast

Add Outdoor Privacy Screens to your Gold Coast Home for Better Living

Outdoor privacy screens in the Gold Coast provide more than privacy – they help delineate your outdoor living area into an additional room with steady airflow and protection from the elements. Gold Coast Patios and Blinds offers you the ability to create a bespoke outdoor living room that protects you and your furnishings from intense sunlight, rain and wind. Our experienced staff will meet with you to choose the right option for your needs, provide accurate measurements and estimates, and handle every detail until the job is done to your satisfaction.

The Importance of Privacy Screens in the Gold Coast

Privacy screens offer numerous benefits when included in an outdoor living area. Keeping your activities private is only one benefit.

  • Adding privacy screens to your patio allows you to delineate the space and arrange furniture and cooking areas efficiently.
  • Privacy screens protect you from the sun, heat, dust, rain, wind and insects. A fully enclosed patio allows you to continue to enjoy the outdoors despite the weather.
  • They are aesthetically pleasing and add value to your home. Potential buyers will envision themselves lounging on the patio any time of year and increase your property’s value for resale.

When Buying Geared Roller Outdoor Blinds in the Gold Coast, Consider this

There are many colours and styles to choose from when searching for outdoor privacy screens and geared roller blinds. When determining which blinds are right for your purposes, consider the following during your decision making process.

  • If you have small children, geared roller blinds for outdoor purposes have no pull cords that pose a hazard to them. Always consider safety factors when making your decision on types of blinds for your outdoor space.
  • Consider how much privacy you need. Do you have nosy neighbours who watch everything you do in your backyard?  If so, you might consider a darker or denser material to keep prying eyes out.
  • Do you enjoy spending time on your patio but the blistering summer heat keeps you indoors?  Blinds with heat reflection can provide a more comfortable environment when spending time on your patio. 

Geared roller outdoor blinds are an excellent choice for safety, privacy and comfort. 

Why You Should Use Gold Coast Patios and Blinds

If you love to spend time relaxing in your backyard year round, installing privacy blinds allows you to breathe in fresh air while maintaining protection from the elements and wild critters. We have been helping homeowners add valuable living space to their homes with the use of privacy screens for over two decades. We work closely with you to determine the best blinds for your needs, handle any permitting required and perform the installation ourselves. We are fully licensed and insured, providing you with peace of mind on our services.

For more information on our privacy screen options or to book an appointment, contact our friendly staff who are always happy to answer your questions and provide detailed information on the products we install.


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