The addition of a Patio or Deck area to your home is undoubtedly a wise and financially rewarding investment in your property. The value that is added when you increase the living space and create an extended open living area from the indoors can be immense. With the right design and materials, you can create a look that won’t date and will add value for years to come.

A Deck or Patio/Alfresco area can add up to $100,000 value to your home. Our Australian climate lends itself so well to outdoor living areas, and a lot of home buyers look for this when purchasing. Extra entertaining space separate to the general living and dining is prerequisite for a lot of families these days and the addition of an outdoor area connected to the main house is one of the simplest ways to create it.

Insulated roofing allows for an almost seamless transition from indoors to outdoors with lighting, fans, and other electrical optional features to make your outdoor area practical and functional for the family 24/7.

Before you look to sell or upgrade your home, consider the value and difference an outdoor area can make.



At Gold Coast Patios & Blinds we are well aware that more than often you just want to know a rough idea of what you’re in for, however before you decide to ask for a quote over the phone next time, take a few minutes to read the below and see if you will get what you really need out of the quote…

“Why do I need a site visit? I don’t have time” is a phrase we hear quite often when we have quote requests. It’s generally closely followed by “I know what I want”, “I have the dimensions”.



“I know the dimensions”. A quote created from a square meterage and basic details is only ever an approximate estimation. All jobs that include GCP&B performing the installation require a site visit by one of our consultants. So even if we give you a quote over the phone, you will still need to book in if you would like to go ahead. A site visit includes so much more than just measuring out where you would like the structure. Our consultants are trained to look at a structure being “fit for purpose”, practical, per regulation, and to listen to your requirements and design a structure that will suit your needs. Your future structure is so much more than a roof, posts and beams.


“I know what I want”. With several suppliers, colours, materials, and more, we are far more likely to get it right the first time if we are able to discuss everything with you and see the area. Arranging a site visit also allows you to see and feel some of the materials and colour options available. It also allows us to discuss options you may not have thought possible or knew about. There are multiple sizes of posts and beams, aluminium/steel or timber or timber look (yes that’s right, we have timber look steel posts). There are different thicknesses of insulated roofing. There are multiple ways we can stabilise the posts for the build. There are many different ways your roof can attach to the existing residence. Where is your downpipe going? It must be connected to storm water. Do you need a permit? Do you want a basic engineered design or something a little more fancy with aesthetically pleasing “feature” elements. All of these questions can be discussed with a consultant and ensure you’re getting the most out of your investment.


“I can specify things later I just want a basic quote”. There is no such things as a basic quote if you want a proper estimation. A stitch in time saves nine. Our consultants and estimators spend quite a bit of time drawing up plans, and costing your quote. Every build is engineered to ensure it is built to regulation. The simplest seeming adjustment like changing from non-insulated to insulated roofing requires time to re-cost and re-engineer. This is not to say that you must know exactly what you want the first time round, however investing the time to meet with a consultant and discuss in detail all of the options, gives us a much better basis to ensure the quote is accurate.


We offer a FREE measure and quote. It is what we prefer to do if you are serious about building a new structure in the near future. We would prefer to spend an hour or 2 with you now and know that we’ve created exactly what you are after than go back and forth adjusting things, which will ultimately take more time. Meeting with a consultant also allows us to get a feel for your budget with your requirements, we understand that sometimes a small difference can make all the difference and are always happy to discuss price options and adjust things to fit your budget where we can.


Invest the time and we promise you’ll be happy with the outcome.