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Multiple Shutters and Blind Designs to Choose from in the Gold Coast

Whether you require indoor or outdoor shutters in the Gold Coast, our proficient team can advise, quote and install competitively priced shutters that will add value to your property, be attractive and functional.

Related Services We Provide to Patio Door Blinds

You often need covers for privacy on your patio. There are various solutions available other than vertical blinds in the Gold Coast. Outdoor blinds protect your patio from the elements and curious neighbours, while you can still enjoy the outdoors and lovely Aussie weather.

  • Installation: Besides installing patios, we also provide and fit a variety of outdoor blinds which allow the optimal amount of light through, while creating an effective privacy screen.
  • Finance: Approved applications have access to interest-free finance options through SKYE® payment plan options.
  • Guarantee: Our 12-month labour warranty, five-year parts warranty and five-year material warranty ensure that you will enjoy a hassle-free installation for a long time.

Tips Regarding Plantation Shutters in the Gold Coast

Plantation shutters offer an attractive solution for privacy and weather protection for indoor and outdoor spaces alike.

  • Energy efficiency: Plantation shutters help retain heat in winter and keep heat out in summer, reducing the need for heating or cooling devices. Ensure that your shutters are made from the correct materials to optimise energy efficiency.
  • Australian made: Products made in Australia for Australian conditions will be more effective in our climate and are wise to purchase local when considering availability and costs. All our products are Australian made which ensure optimal efficacy using readily available, high quality products.
  • Mounting and tilting options: If you have decorative trim or moulding around your windows, you might want to opt for an inside mount, which will have the blinds mounted inside the window frame, exposing the decorative trim. We can install shutters with a traditional or a hidden tilt bar, there is no difference in functionality, only in the tilt bar being visible or not, which is a matter of taste.

Key Questions to Ask Gold Coast Patios About Blinds in the Gold Coast

Our roller blinds or channel guided spring blinds, available in the Gold Coast, are trendy and budget-friendly and allow privacy while still being aesthetically attractive. Bear these few points in mind when deciding on your next spring blind purchase:

  • Durability: Enquire about the sustainability of the product that piques your interest. Ensure the tracks are manufactured and finished to a high quality, which guarantees the longevity of your blinds. Our side-tracks are powder coated to your choice of colour, which offers protection against the elements.
  • Privacy options: Ask about the level of privacy the product will offer you. One size or type does not fit all. Consequently, we offer our PVC coated, 2 x 2 weave, in two levels of privacy, and they are available in a wide selection of colours to match your design palette.
  • Gaps: Find out if there will be any gaps after completion of the installation. You may prefer that no gaps are visible; we overcome this by providing optional flashing.

Why You Should Use Gold Coast Patios

Our more than 20 years’ experience in this industry has enabled us to partner with tradespeople from different industries, such as electricians and concreters, who share our passion for service excellence and who we gladly recommend. This partnership enables us to include them in our planning and ensure no tradesmen hold work up to ensure timely completion of your projects. Further to this, we understand budget constraints and offer our competitively priced solutions on SKYE® payment plan options, making it simple for you to slot your dream patio, blind, carport, or any other products we supply, into your budget.

As we don’t have only salesmen and tradesmen on our team, you can always be assured of consistent, knowledgeable advice throughout the entire process, from the first enquiry, through the quotation phase right up to final installation and handover.

For your peace of mind, contact us today, so we can help you take all the guessing out of the best solution for your area and relevant costing.


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